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Work Experience



Director of Brand  Lambda Solutions

(B2B E-learning/SaaS)

Leading the company's rebrand; hiring, training and mentoring the brand team and setting the guidelines for design, communication and brand strategy. 


VP Marketing  Patrick Assaraf 

(Luxury Fashion)

Leveraging insights from customers and retailers to enhance the brand presence in the luxury fashion market.


Creative Director  Ideal Life 

(B2B Healthcare)

In partnership with leadership, assessed company goals, and led the creation of all marketing content for the B2B healthcare company. 




Bezalel- Academy of Art & Design

Jerusalem, Israel.

Short Bio

Oded was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.

After his service in the Israeli Defence Forces, he got accepted to the prestigious Israeli art school "Bezalel" where he worked on his craft as an artist but found himself attracted to the plethora of ways ideas are being generated, disseminated and accepted.



Content Strategy Marketing Strategy Copywriting     Design    Branding 
  Presentations    Creative Direction   

I advise companies on initiatives, campaigns and branding strategies. 

From conception to execution, from creative to analytics, I have been leading marketing campaigns on social media, PPC, and press releases in multiple industries.

My holistic approach to online communication integrates traditional public affairs and public relations with digital media and new technologies to create unparalleled digital offerings for my clients.

From social media to websites to online grassroots organizing, and beyond, I aim to create social movements, mobilize people, and inspire action both on and offline.

UX, UI & Product Design are just a few of the design elements I provided and led the creation of during my career. The strong belief in intentional, strategic design allowed me to tie companies' loose ends into one coherent, meaningful and impactful visual experience.

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