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With a rich background in design, storytelling, and branding, Oded has been working with Midjourney since early 2022, where he utilized his expertise in crafting compelling narratives and visually stunning designs.

Video for Lambda Solutions ("The shopify of E-learning").

Using AI to illustrate a short story

I penned this short story quite a while ago and recently chose to bring it to life with AI illustrations. 
An intriguing aspect of using Midjourney (among its many quirks) is that the clearer my mental image was, the more time-consuming its realization became. 
It took an extensive period to achieve the exact visuals I envisioned. However, I like the story, and the ethereal quality of the images captures its essence.



Throughout his career, Oded has helped businesses and organizations discover their unique voice, enabling them to better represent themselves in the world. With his artistic flair and keen understanding of the power of narratives, Oded has continuously demonstrated his ability to transform brands and captivate audiences.