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As the Creative Director for the Canon Cinema EOS project, I spearheaded the creation of a cohesive branding guideline to ensure uniformity across various video assets promoting Canon's professional Cinema EOS cameras like the CS300 Mark II. This initiative was targeted at seasoned filmmakers and recent film graduates, emphasizing quality and attention to detail. The task involved conceptualizing a simple, modern, and professional brand aesthetic that's adaptable to different video styles. From devising fonts, colors, and title graphics to crafting guidelines on logo and element usage, the project encapsulated a full spectrum of branding assets. These were meticulously designed to be compatible with 4K resolution, alongside provisions for animation through After Effects, and static designs via Photoshop. The deliverables included a comprehensive PDF of branding guidelines, title sequences, lower thirds, closing sequences, intro/outro animations, and precise logo usage instructions, establishing a robust framework for maintaining brand consistency across various video productions.



During my time as VP Marketing with PATRICK ASSARAF, I leveraged the iconic image of the brand and its reach to gain deeper insights into the customers' demographic through analysis and research.

This allowed me to offer Mr. Assaraf strategies like personalized VIP packages, SEO adjustments to items in the online store and more.



Using minor adjustments in the SEO of an item in the online store I was able to bump it from page 33 to page 2 in google search.


VP Marketing

I was hired as Director of Brand for the B2B SaaS e-Learning company to revivify the brand and connect better with audiences.

Lambda Solutions

As the Director of Brand at Lambda Solutions, I led the shift from a visually fragmented brand to a cohesive, modern identity. Through research and collaboration with a skilled design team, we unified our branding across all touchpoints, enhancing our market positioning and customer engagement.

Lambda Solutions Rebranding.


As the creator of Lambda Solutions' brand book, I consolidated our ethos and visual guidelines into a pivotal document, forged through teamwork with design and marketing units. This brand book now ensures a unified voice and appearance across all platforms, bolstering a cohesive, professional market image.

Building the brand book.


Injecting humor into Lambda Solutions' advertising campaigns, I brought a fresh, engaging approach to our B2B SaaS marketing. Humor not only made our ads more memorable and enjoyable, but it also humanized our brand, fostering a genuine connection with our clientele. This lighthearted touch differentiated us in a competitive market, showcasing our unique brand personality while effectively communicating our software solutions' value.



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