There is no such thing as an inauthentic experience

The Experience Economy

Joseph Pine and James Gilmore


This is me

Brand, Creative and Media expert.

I tap into the triggers that motivate audiences and channel these insights into content, messaging and marketing that makes a difference, in concert with a comprehensive design & communications strategy.

Content Strategy  Writing 
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Creative Leadership    Design   Marketing Initiatives

I advise companies on initiatives, campaigns and branding strategies. 

From conception to execution, from creative to analytics, I have been leading marketing campaigns on social media, PPC, and press releases in multiple industries.

My holistic approach to online communication integrates traditional public affairs and public relations with digital media and new technologies to create unparalleled digital offerings for my clients.

From social media to websites to online grassroots organizing, and beyond, I aim to create social movements, mobilize people, and inspire action both on and offline.

UX, UI & Product Design are just a few of the design elements I provided and led the creation of during my career. The strong belief in intentional, strategic design allowed me to tie companies' loose ends into one coherent, meaningful and impactful visual experience.

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From healthcare and e-learning to luxury fashion and financial services.